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Scenic Routes for Cyclists in and around Brunswick County     BCP1.jpg (91079 bytes)

Brunswick County and surrounding counties offer enough options to keep any cyclist happy. The roads traverse beautiful coastal countryside and provide access to waterfront, state forests and the Hoosier National Forest. The Brunswick Bicycle Club bears no responsibility for the safety of riders who may use the routes we suggest. We urge you to wear a helmet, to watch for traffic, and to avoid riding alone. Keep an eye out for dogs and deer too. Before you let your wheels sing on a fast descent, think about your options if a deer should leap out from the woods. Believe us, we've seen it...

Favorite routes on paved roads in and around Brunswick County

We consider the roads in and around Brunswick County wonderful for bicyclists, but others consider them great for motorcycles, would-be stock- and sports car racers, boat trailers, horse trailers, and so on. Very few of the roads in and around Brunswick County have been designated as official bicycle routes. Frankly speaking, the city and the county have some work to do before these roads can compete for the title of bicycle friendly.

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Brunswick County Macomb 200


Southport, Oak Island, Bolivia, Exum, Ash, Shallotte Holden Sunset and back

Kangaroo Express, 1130 N Howe  Southport, NC

Macomb 200

Brunswick Nature Park Moutain Biking


Hwy 133 at Town Creek; 2601 River Rd SE, Winnabow, NC 28479

Brunswick Nature Park

Southport Loop


The old Smithville Burial Grounds, Gator at Leanord St Prices Creek, etc

Smithville Burial Grounds


Southport to Calabash

42 or 84

The golf courses and dining & waterway at Calabash

Southport Bicycles


Supply to Calabash


The golf courses and dining & waterway at Calabash



Bolivia Half Century

42 - 50

Quiet country pedaling in low traffic

Antioch Baptist Church


Green Swamp


The Green Swamp, Wacammaw River and Shallotte dining

BEMC Substation




Moores Creek Battle Field, Black River & quiet country ride

Johnston's Corner Grocery


Oak Island Lighthouse

17- 25

25-33 Miles from Fish Factory Rd and Oak Island Lighthouse

South Harbor Chapel


Oak Island


Great weekend warmup and waterway or beachside ramble

Island Biycles, 4324 Long Beach Rd

Boiling Springs


Dozens of ponds, the boiling spring and quiet farmland

Olde Brunswick Store


Bolivia to Sunset Harbor


Quality Tarmac and low density country pedaling

Antioch Baptist Church


Singletary Solitary


Quality Woodland ramble and 4 lakes in route with low density country pedaling

Lake Singletary Park Office


Holden Half Century


A good off season route pedaling to Holden Beach and back

Antioch Baptist Church


Waccamaw Watershed Wanderers


Want smooth pavement in a low traffic, low density countryside ramble here in SE North Carolina.  The route includes more than a dozen miles along side water.

Bolton, NC


Southport’s Harper Trail, Mountain Biking


Want a little off road adventure.  Leave Southport Jaycee Bldg. and enter a wooded ramble.  Elevation changes near Peeble Beach w/ a Figure 8

Across from the Jaycee Building

St James25 Mile Route


A ride from the St. James Harbor and perhaps with fewer turns for newbies to the area.

St. James Marina

 Lowes Food 50, Midway Road to Shallotte   


Want a good 50 mile work out over some good roads (200 yrds at Shallotte Hwy 17, 300 yrds at Supply 17 aside) along with store stops at mile 20 and 34?

Park at Lowes Food at the Corner of Hwy 211 and Midway Road.

Leland to Kelly Century Ride


Want a flat century ride with plenty of store stop options?  Store stops at mile 18 Maco Store Subway, mile  38 at Kelley Store, mile 48 at Black River Mini Mart (optional), mile 66 at Handy Hugo Riegelwood and mile 74 Maco Store Subway

Park near Port City Java in front of Brunswick Forest, just of US 17, south of Leland.

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