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BCP Monthly Rides

Favorite touring rides | Early bird rides | Formal and informal training rides | Night rides

Brisk training ridesNice 'N Easy rides | Drive and ride

Group gets ready to finish the Orton Plantation ride Regular cycling makes for strong riders. Don't be discouraged if you must work hard to keep up with the group on your first few rides. If you ride regularly, you will quickly see your skills and stamina improve. You will be riding comfortably with the group very soon. In the meantime, participate in the Sunday Nice 'N Easy or Slow Spokes rides with CFC, which move at a slower pace.

You might also choose from shorter rides and those with a slow to moderate average pace as indicated on the monthly ride calendar. Most of us remember when we were starting out, and someone will be glad to ride with you, offering advice and boosting morale. Come ride with us!

There are several different types of rides conducted by the BCP. The following offers a general description:

Favorite touring rides

These are rides are shown on the Ride Calendar and the departure time changes with the time of sunrise or seasonal influences like noon beach breezes. Check the monthly ride calendar for details.

Formal and informal training rides

Currently, the rides shown on the scheduled.  The rides are informal, may have a ride leader, maps, and a predetermined pace. T

Night ridesBCP.jpg (16525 bytes)

These rides are for those who can't make it in the day time. Some night rRiders have been gathering for Mountain bike rides in the UNCW trails area after dark.

Brisk training rides

Challenge yourself by riding with a group of motivated, fast recreational cyclists and a few racers. There is no official leader for this ride and no maps are distributed, but there are several standard routes. The group decides on a route and distance before leaving. All riders are responsible for themselves, so if you get dropped you're on your own. The average speed on these rides is 17-20 mph, with distances of 25 to 50 miles. On 40+ mile rides there is usually 1 brief stop. We hope to do the Calabash 90 frequently over the summer. A typical weekend schedule would be Saturday 50 miles (Ride Name Here) and Sunday 40 miles (Ride Name Here).

Nice 'N Easy or Slow Spokes ridesSteve and Charlie take a break

These are slower-paced, generally shorter rides. They, like all BCP rides, are open to everyone. The current Sunday afternoon rides and the past Wednesday informal rides have been rides of this type. The Nice 'n Easy rides cater to those who want to take it easy and smell the roses, to beginning riders, to fitness riders looking to get beyond the monotony of the exercise bike, and to families. The average speed, including stops, is usually less than 10 mph (excluding stops, 12 mph). If any of us cannot keep up on the Nice 'N Easy rides, it probably means that we should get started with some basic fitness training right away.

Drive and ride

These are rides that depart from someplace other than the Bicycle Shop or Wellness Center. They generally provide an opportunity for participants to ride in a different area without having to ride mega miles to get there. Sometimes the drive is to other organized rides and sometimes to traditional BCP rides starting at a remote site

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