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2017 News

Congratulations to our racer Paul Kopinski on his Gator Games success.  Bill Alford was there to catch the action and posted his movies and pictures at:


2016 News

Congratulations to our racer Paul Kopinski on his Gator Games and moving on to both State and National finals for his age.


2015 News

Congratulations to our racers Tom Lawn, 2015 Podium Finish for  Wisconsin’s Door County Half Iron-Man and first in age at Oak Islands B2P Triathlon.  Also congratulations to David Whelan for a Podium finish for his Age in Oak Island Bridge to Pier, 2015 Triathlon


2010 News

Congratulations in supplying 265 bikes and helmets for area children  in 2010 cooperation with Brunswick plant employees, we are delivering smiles to children in southeastern North Carolina once again.  In its fourteenth year, Brunswick employees and partners contributed more than $20,000 over the past few weeks, providing 265 bikes and helmets for some children in our surrounding communities. This is the most bikes we’ve delivered in a single year.


“This project is one that many people on site look forward to every year,” said Progress Energy’s Jimmy Blackburn, one of the project coordinators. “What could be better than putting smiles on the faces of children?”  “It really demonstrates the generosity of everyone working at Brunswick and their strong desire to give back to our communities,” Blackburn said.


The bike drive supported requests from 41 schools this year in Brunswick, Columbus, Pender and New Hanover counties. School officials help determine the need for each school.

The bikes and helmets were picked up at Wal-Marts in Southport and Shallotte who helped maximize the number of children the project can support by deeply discounting bikes.  Special thanks to Karen Knighton for coordinating the purchase of special non-profit discounted helmets in collaboration with the Southport Lions Club, Southport Women’s Club and Brunswick County Pedalers.




2009 News

The 20098 Bike Helmet Project Was  Big Success

This has been another even more successful year for the Brunswick County Pedalers in cooperation with the Southport Lions Club, and the Southport Women’s Club helped to buy bicycle helmets for 198 deserving kids this Christmas.  This is the third year that we partnered with the  well organized Christmas Bicycle project of the Brunswick Plant Employees.  The bike and helmet drive supported requests from 36 schools this year in Brunswick, Columbus and New Hanover counties. School officials help determine the need for each school.
The Brunswick Plant Employee bike drive started in 1997 when one employee approached another employee about buying a bike for a deserving child at an area school. This was viewed as an opportunity to provide a nice gift to someone during an important time of the year. Further conversations with other co-workers led to enough money to buy 10 bikes that first year.  Realizing that helmets were needed for kids riding all these new bikes, we began partnering with their project several years ago.  Over the past thirteen years, more than 1,500 children have received new bicycles and now new helmets as a result of the time and money generously given. 

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