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Mountain Biking in Brunswick County

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Brunswick County Nature Park


Congratulations are in order for of  the SirBikesALot community, Jim Pryer of BC P&R, and Dave Staebler, for their efforts to bring mountain biking to Brunswick County!  Steve Mangiacpre and Greg Brinson  of Cape Fear Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) have a Memorandum of Understanding with our Brunswick County Parks and Recreations Department to produce mountain bike trails within our new Brunswick County Nature Park.  It is located half mile north of the Town Creek Bridge just south of Leland North Carolina, on Highway 133 (google link). Preliminary plans are to have six miles of exciting beginner to intermediate single track constructed very soon, by some talented Sorba professionals and volunteers.  Sorba members are asked to join in the construction beginning around 4/17/10.  Contact  SirBikesALot for exact details.


The 3.4 miles of hiking trail are now wide enough to entertain bikers who can fully respect the nature lovers and dog walkers who enjoy our new nature trail.  There is only one sketchy section about 200 yards north of the kayak docks, with a narrow down hill left turn.   Be sure to bring your water bottle and come enjoy the new trails!!!


A pretty good sketch of the nature trail is at:


For you GPS enthusiasts, a GPX map of the Brunswick Nature Park trail is included at:


Other trail maps riders have around Brunswick and SE North Carolina include:

Southport East Loop trail ( Map  image)  is included at:

Southport West Loop trail (sometimes posted) is included at:



Want to visualize a google map of the GPS (GPX) trail maps?  Just save the GPX file to your PC, then browse to the file using the link and presto, wamo, a decent hybrid (map and satellite) view of the trail appears.


Cape Fear Cyclists Blue Clay Mountain Bike Park

The race worthy Blue Clay Mountain Bike Park has been re-groomed, particularly the section across the road from the parking lot, to give more varied rider levels and equal chance at the riding thrills.   Check out the latest trail status (sometimes closed due to rains) at SirBikesAlot Blue Clay info.


Vereens Memorial Park

Located just south of Calabash off Highway 179 near the SC border almost across highway 17 from the SC Visitor Center.  Enjoy some beautiful trails that manage over 5 miles of loop in fairly easy terrain.  Rules include of course heading right of way for all walkers and runners and no riding on the boardwalks (carry bike across the island bridge). See Google maps for directions.



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