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Cycling Education and Advocacy

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Beginners Guide to Enjoyable Bicycling

If you're just beginning to find the joy of bicycling again, check out the great tips for bikes, riding positions, safety, comfort and other rider considerations at

Safe and Enjoyable Cycling

The BCP riders places an emphasis on safe, enjoyable cycling, on the peaceful coexistence of bicyclists and motorists on the roads, and on cooperation with land managers and other trail users off the road. We promote courteous, responsible and predictable bicycling, including obeying all traffic rules and off-road regulations.  A helmet is required for all riders to be safe.  A great link for learning safe riding with varried traffic is at and Bicycle Safety 101 tips.


Health Benefits of Cycling

There are numerous helath benefits to bicycling. It is also a new social outlet for connecting with like minded people, where now some safe bicycling is the new golf.  A great link for learning about its health benefits is at  and and 11 benefits.


Importance of Riding With a Helmet

New to riding or need to know why you should where a helmet? Read:  Read

Safe Paceline Etiquette

Learn to stay safe while in a paceline.  Read


Bike Racing Terminology

Want to know the bicycle racing jargon? Check out

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